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Christmas Midnight

Last two stanzas of “Christmas Midnight,” a poem by Donna Fletcher Crow in her book, Seasons of Prayer: Rediscovering Classic Prayers Through the Christian CalendarImage


Raise high the incensed prayers for God’s delight,

Praise Him who comes, our King, our Counselor,

Bringing joy, this silent night. This holy night.


Emmanuel is born anew. Blest rite,

The vigil keep on sacred calendar.

Entranced, in wonder kneel by flickering light,

Replete with Joy this silent, holy night.



~ JOY ~

From Donna Fletcher Crow’s Seasons of Prayer: Rediscovering Classic Prayers through the Christian Calendar

“The thing to Imageremember about joy is that it’s a quiet emotion. It is an almost solemn ecstasy that starts deep within one, filling with a radiance that finally works itself into shining eyes and an irrepressible smile. Joy is easily drowned in noise and rush. We lose the joy of the season in busyness. Fun is not joy. Or, as William Stringfellow says in The Services of the Christian Year, “For all the greeting-card and sermonic rhetoric, much rejoicing does not seem to happen around Christmastime, least of all about the coming of the Lord. There is a lot of holiday frolicking, but that is not the same as rejoicing.”





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